The Romantic Allure of Texting

Romance is dead. Or wait, maybe the new normal in the digital age in tech country (aka Bay Area/San Francisco/Silicon Valley) is texting. So one of my gal pals strongly believes that men don’t call anymore. (I’m not sure I’m convinced of that belief.) Texting is the norm and it’s an opportunity for text experts (textperts?) to flaunt their capablities with the written word not per, god forbid, a traditional handwritten letter nor email, but something perhaps a little bit more instantaneous. What do you think? Is this a regional practice or a sign of the times? Hmmmm.


SF Moment: The Reliability of Strangers

So I am out tonight with a couple of girlfriends. Start off at Top of the Mark on Nob Hill, then to Union Square shopping, and then I decided that I wanted to take them to Moroccan food at Aicha for dinner. As we are walking on Polk Street (fantastic drag for eateries and nightlife) I guess Random Stranger overheard our conversation of getting to Aicha. RS tells us, “Oh it may be closed. I know the guy who owns it. Ramadan. They may be observing. But try anyway.” So I respond with “Well, what would you recommend if they are closed that is nearby.” RS: “Oh just try Aicha anyway. He is my friend. But are you okay with spicy?” Me: “Yes, spicy is okay.” RS: “Okay, then try Shalimar, Pakistani spicy food.” Me: “Okay. Thank you.” Shalimar was good. No frills food. Almost like a cafeteria style ambiance. But good value. Some may prefer takeout. Ah, the reliability of strangers.

Sushi Nazi Saturday

Well, this was a strange night which transitioned into a fun night (aka “Dance Like There’s No One Watching”). We started out at a sushi restaurant in Japantown. Only sushi. No ramen or deep fried whatever, or combo dinner with the miso soup and green tea ice cream. Appeared to be pretty authentic and *good* based on my YELP! research. YELP! reviews have been pretty reliable for me so I continue the habit.  My report: good quality sushi but *STRANGE* environment with Sushi Nazi barking orders at the geriatric waitress and ordering patrons: “No soy sauce on that!” Most Japanese restaurants are on the quiet/less noisy side but there was somewhat of a *quiet tension* throughout the small space.  After that our guest from Washington D.C. was drawn to this neon sign leading us to a cavernous lounge with some pretty funky lighting.  One cocktail, some tunes on the box (Frank Sinatra, U2, and Prince, hmmmmm.) and then on to the Mission District. We started at El Rio and hung out in the outdoor courtyard area, met the band that was playing and then moved on to SOM in the same ‘hood. Fun Place. Eighties night dancing. Madonna ruled the night. But the Bangles, Erasure and Cyndi Lauper got some air time as well. I got my workout in and my feet are still in good shape despite my four inch wedges. A very good evening. Can’t complain.

San Francisco Nights: Rule of Three

So according to my BFF in SF, Cheryl there must always be the Rule of Three for evenings well spent. Hit three spots before closing the night: (1) Architecture and the City Festival opening night cocktail event in Potrero Hill sponsored by the AIA of San Francisco (2) 54Mint in SOMA for dinner (3) Cotogna in Financial District for Dolci. Lots of laughter, good company and fantastic food. I think we must return to Cotogna for dinner. And it only took me <5 minutes to find free parking! Parking is another rant for many but that is part of City Life.  Not a big deal for me. At all.

Auspicious Day

So today is Day One for this glorious blog –> Beyond the Golden Gate: Random Musings of a City Girl. It’s the 26th of August. Numerology said to me: 2 + 6 = 8. I think in some cultures “8” is an auspicious number. Auspicious Day for me then. Eight. Round. Circle. Infinity. YAY.