Sushi Nazi Saturday

Well, this was a strange night which transitioned into a fun night (aka “Dance Like There’s No One Watching”). We started out at a sushi restaurant in Japantown. Only sushi. No ramen or deep fried whatever, or combo dinner with the miso soup and green tea ice cream. Appeared to be pretty authentic and *good* based on my YELP! research. YELP! reviews have been pretty reliable for me so I continue the habit.  My report: good quality sushi but *STRANGE* environment with Sushi Nazi barking orders at the geriatric waitress and ordering patrons: “No soy sauce on that!” Most Japanese restaurants are on the quiet/less noisy side but there was somewhat of a *quiet tension* throughout the small space.  After that our guest from Washington D.C. was drawn to this neon sign leading us to a cavernous lounge with some pretty funky lighting.  One cocktail, some tunes on the box (Frank Sinatra, U2, and Prince, hmmmmm.) and then on to the Mission District. We started at El Rio and hung out in the outdoor courtyard area, met the band that was playing and then moved on to SOM in the same ‘hood. Fun Place. Eighties night dancing. Madonna ruled the night. But the Bangles, Erasure and Cyndi Lauper got some air time as well. I got my workout in and my feet are still in good shape despite my four inch wedges. A very good evening. Can’t complain.


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