SF Moment: The Reliability of Strangers

So I am out tonight with a couple of girlfriends. Start off at Top of the Mark on Nob Hill, then to Union Square shopping, and then I decided that I wanted to take them to Moroccan food at Aicha for dinner. As we are walking on Polk Street (fantastic drag for eateries and nightlife) I guess Random Stranger overheard our conversation of getting to Aicha. RS tells us, “Oh it may be closed. I know the guy who owns it. Ramadan. They may be observing. But try anyway.” So I respond with “Well, what would you recommend if they are closed that is nearby.” RS: “Oh just try Aicha anyway. He is my friend. But are you okay with spicy?” Me: “Yes, spicy is okay.” RS: “Okay, then try Shalimar, Pakistani spicy food.” Me: “Okay. Thank you.” Shalimar was good. No frills food. Almost like a cafeteria style ambiance. But good value. Some may prefer takeout. Ah, the reliability of strangers.


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