Betting on Local: How Google is Taking Over My Life

…or are they? Announcement today: Google bought Zagat. Google has now become your local tastemaker. Brings me back to #df11 (Dreamforce 2011) where the declaration was betting on “local and mobile.” Coincidentally, or not I just got Google Voice yesterday for my ANDROID phone so in addition to my gmail account I kind of feel like they are taking over my life. Capitulation?! (Mind you that Google Docs temporarily blew up yesterday so they DO have their VULNERABLE moments).

Privacy appears to be getting less existent these days. The beauty of social media can be that it breaks down borders and ignites major revolutions for freedom but how much information sharing is too much? How much control do you have? What do you not know, that you do not know? Is it a matter of embracing/adapting just to keep up and be relevant or could it be a better approach to turn it off and live differently?


2 thoughts on “Betting on Local: How Google is Taking Over My Life

    • Thanks. Yes, Google is a powerhouse and it will be interesting to see how Facebook and Apple will develop in the near future.

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