Showing Up: Why is it so hard for some people?

I had an appointment with Somebody recently in the Financial District. We had communicated in the same language that we would be meeting at Somebody’s office at 1pm on Tuesday. I show up as per our agreement at 12:58 pm on Tuesday. I ring the doorbell. A minute passes. No answer.  I ring again. Two minutes pass. No answer. I call Somebody’s office number and leave word that I am waiting…..1:10pm arrives and I am gone.

(Two Hours Later I get a phone call from Somebody apologizing profusely with REASONS for NOT SHOWING UP.)

I just read an article about building relationships and how one thing not to do is to “be flaky”. It sounds so basic and simple yet somebody has to write an article about it? Is this silly or what? Or are we living in an age where common decency is not relevant anymore. Is the digital age causing us to forget how to relate to each other as human beings? It’s kind of like this: When the United States Postal Service announced recently that they plan to cut jobs, reduce service days and close offices a relevant thinking person would probably surmise that it’s email that’s led to the demise of traditional letter writing and the use of the postal service. People don’t write letters to dear friends anymore, they just press “send.” It’s quicker and more efficient. No one wants to be troubled. However, there is something almost magical about receiving a handwritten note. There is a certain feeling. But sadly, that seems to be a dying act. Are people forgetting how to be people?


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