The Smart Phone Arms Race & Why I Prefer Droid

I was suddenly ecstatic when I read Mashable’s blog post yesterday about the unveiling of Motorola’s super skinny Droid RAZR. I remember when I was a proud owner of the very fashionable Motorola Razor back in the day. You know, that thin clamshell or flip type. (the black one, not the silver one). Circa 2004-05? Then I “moved on” to the Blackberry Bold. The keyboard was all I needed. Fast forward after a terrible experience with the Blackberry Torch and I am now a proud user of the (An)Droid phone. Three reasons: (1) I like the philosophy of “open platform” for Droid developers. Sounds very democratic and a strong creativity enabler. (2) I refuse to be dominated by Apple as I already use a MacBook Air so an iPhone is just not an option. (3) I prefer having a keyboard.

It’s interesting how I can get so caught up in the Silicon Valley ecosystem of “keeping up with the Joneses.” Do I really need the latest, the coolest, the skinniest, the fastest, the most talked about smart phone? Doesn’t a $100 phone function just as well as a $500 phone? Isn’t a Toyota just as reliable as a Mercedes? Is having the coolest phone a necessity of life? Will the world collapse and crisis ensue if the RAZR wasn’t unveiled? Silicon Valley may be the driver for innovation but I’m more convinced it’s the world’s most powerful marketing machine.


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