About Me

I started this blog because I love my life in San Francisco and I wanted to share my feelings in an open source.  I have diverse interests and San Francisco fulfills the pursuit of most of these interests. I am intrigued with the entrepreneurial spirit of the city manifested by the technology and start-up scene. I am also a keen observer of the political landscape mostly related to social justice and international womens’ rights. Additionally, I am an enthusiastic consumer of pop culture and all things related to style.  Food and travel also delight me.

But at the end of the day, the main reasons I embrace life here in the City are the people and the lifestyle.  The citizens I have encountered here are interesting and international, coming from many cultural and professional backgrounds. And there is ALWAYS something to do in this vibrant City. Never a dull moment! Something to please all senses.

I hope you enjoy reading my stories and perhaps I can make some kind of impact in your life.



Update on January 12, 2012:

I just re-named my blog “Sexy Octopus.”

“Sexy” because I hope what I say is alluring to your mind and inspires you to think and act differently. Sometimes we are so comfortable in our lives that we get stuck in a sameness and miss the opportunity to try new experiences. The octopus is known to be an intelligent creature. I think intelligence or being intelligent in the digital age is about understanding the value of information coming from a wide range of subjects and “expertise”. Connecting the dots between superficially un-related topics does create meaning. So, I hope my voice provides the broad stroke of intelligent insight which can resonate with you.

 Cheers, Cara


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