I Need a San Francisco Food Nerd

It’s the day after Christmas. I have post Holiday food fatigue. I need a cure. I need a San Francisco Food Nerd to deliver an organic, local, sustainable, seasonal, affordable, nutritional, environmental, humane, artisanal, wholesome, eco-friendly, fresh-from-the-earth, unpretentious, vegetarian food kit to get me out of the Holiday food blues!

Gluttony is bad. It’s a terrible way to treat your body. Never mind the behavior part of it. Physically it’s just wrong. Your body should be treated like a shrine. A sacred vessel. But then again does the Holiday Season just give us license to engage in sinful behavior?


My San Francisco Week in Review

Thanksgiving week was delightful and an eclectic bag of experiences from learning a new skill to spending time with important people in my life. I started learning how to code (so I can build something big someday), I went to the San Francisco Opera’s production of Turandot, I had German food in the Mission, I discovered this fantastic San Francisco stairway (think “street connector”) in my neighborhood for working out and I created my first set on this fabulous site called Polyvore which merges fashion, creativity and technology.  Brilliant to discover a smart fashion site making an impact in Silicon Valley. Polyvore also happens to be based in Mountain View, San Francisco’s backyard. The highlight of the week however was Thanksgiving Day ~ great food and discussion with an intimate group of old and new friends.

And the weekend was topped off when I enjoyed a nice Italian meal with a friend who I’ve known for 16 years but get to see maybe four times a year despite living in the same city! (you know who you are!) San Francisco is the best place to spend time with people who you are thankful to be in your life.