San Francisco Nights: Rule of Three

So according to my BFF in SF, Cheryl there must always be the Rule of Three for evenings well spent. Hit three spots before closing the night: (1) Architecture and the City Festival opening night cocktail event in Potrero Hill sponsored by the AIA of San Francisco (2) 54Mint in SOMA for dinner (3) Cotogna in Financial District for Dolci. Lots of laughter, good company and fantastic food. I think we must return to Cotogna for dinner. And it only took me <5 minutes to find free parking! Parking is another rant for many but that is part of City Life.  Not a big deal for me. At all.


Auspicious Day

So today is Day One for this glorious blog –> Beyond the Golden Gate: Random Musings of a City Girl. It’s the 26th of August. Numerology said to me: 2 + 6 = 8. I think in some cultures “8” is an auspicious number. Auspicious Day for me then. Eight. Round. Circle. Infinity. YAY.